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Our hotel; has the privilege of being the most magnificent and beautiful mansion in the historic Kyrenia Harbour, at the heart of Kyrenia (Girne) city established in the 10th century BC, carrying marks of history to today. It is built in 1889 and has been converted into a hotel from a private mansion in 1976. After staying closed for a while, it has been put into service in July 2015.

This hotel, restored sensitively by conserving its ancient stone structure, has the feature of being a window into the past for both its customers and visitors.

11 Deluxe rooms and Suites have valuable furnitures,chandeliers, ,wall clocks and even some oil paintings, decorated with carefully selected and extraordinary antiques. During your stay in this ancient stone walled, revitalising and magical atmosphere, you will feel yourself like both in history and home.

Along with elegant rooms and suits with high ceilings and antique furnitures, we carry on to service in the same sincere manner at our restaurant located in ancient backyard garden with its traditional menu.

You will feel yourself privileged at our hotel , located next to the historic Kyrenia Castle, 30 meters from the sea and only couple of minutes walking distance to the shopping centres as well as to the Kyrenia Harbour..


Kyrenia is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and beautiful city in the Mediterarean. It’s located on the north coast of the island of Cyprus, and situated in the narrow coastal strip between the Besparmak mountains and the Mediterarean Sea, the city has both its historical and natural beauty which fascinates people , also it is located in the busiest tourist resort, just off the seaside town of Kyrenia mountain range, and it is in a throat permitting passage to the island's interior.

Kyrenia is one of the Mediterranean's most ideal and rare location for a relaxing holiday. The preservation of old buildings, one of the city's most beautiful places and the harbor horseshoe-shaped icon. Minus the vicinity of the Port of Venice, the Ottoman and British colonial period buildings, with restaurants and yachtes has a distinct beauty.

In terms of historical sites also offer visitors the wealth of Kyrenia District. Historic harbor, Kyrenia Castle, Boutique Ship Museum, St. Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Abbey are some of the historical sites worth seeing.

Located right next to the historic Kyrenia harbor is among the most popular places for tourists of Kyrenia Castle. Cyprus Kyrenia Castle in the case of the most robust and largest castles, bears the imprint of the Byzantin, Lusignan and Venetian period.

In addition, beside of the second oldest sunken merchant ships in the Mediterranean Lusignan dungeon, Vrysi Neolithic locations animation, Mediterranean village grave, grave Kırnı the village of Lusignan and Venetian towers worth seeing as well.

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