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JASMINE ( Deluxe )

In spacious deluxe room with high ceiling, you will find a comfortable king bed and sitting area has full of antiques. Large wooden windows and beautifully landscaped your balcony, you'll see the historic courtyard. Jasmine has 47 square meters is one of our king suites. They are used as honeymoon as well.

ROSE ( Deluxe )

38 square meters deluxe room with high ceiling is equipped with large double bed and very comfortable sitting area.It has large windows overlooking Kyrenia Castle visualization ,the deluxe has full of antique furniture that blends with fireplace ,creates a wonderful elegance and pleasure.

GARDENIA ( Deluxe )

Our 48 square meters have 20 square meters of terrace. Triple deluxe has the garden. There are 3 deluxe single bed,two of them are located at the front section and other one is at the rear section.

IRIS ( Deluxe )

High-ceilinged room in the 40 square meter deluxe has king bed, sofa, table and sitting area. Room also has large windows, overlooking the garden. The antique furniture provides such a visual feast with a spectacular joy.

CLIVIA ( Deluxe )

Clivia has balcony, the Kyrenia castle views, is a charming 30 square meters deluxe filled with antiques.

LOTUS ( Luxe )

This room with original historical stone wall is 25 square meter.

TULIP ( Luxe )

It is a 27 square meter room partly has stone walls and also a twin bed in it.

DAISY ( Luxe )

It is a 34 square meter room that has historic, original stone walls and with a terrace. A cosy and comfortable room for two.

ORCHID ( Luxe )

Our deluxe room with Kyrenia palace comfort is 28 square meter big with stone wall architecture.

CAMELLIA ( Deluxe )

This 32 square meter big penthouse has 19 square meter bath for your privacy. You will feel like home in this private room with different shades of blue.

LILY ( Luxe )

This is another luxe room with 20 square meter. This room has also very nice wiew of our historical place.

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